Baba Ram Singh to Return?

4966697_origBaba Ram Singh was a great Gursikh who will forever be remembered in Sikh history for his contributions.

But he was not a Satguru.

Namdharis believe that Baba Ram Singh will live to the age of 250 and that he exists in this world at this time.  They believe his return is absolutely imminent.

One blogger wrote in 2008 that the time of Baba Ram Singh’s return is 2012.  See HERE 

“Satguru” Jagjit Singh himself was mislead on Baba Ram Singh’s return and in the video below, he suggests that the return date of Baba Ram Singh is 2012.

Again on the Namdhari Leicester website  it is stated that “Satguru” Jagjeet Singh declared he will be 92 when Baba Ram Singh returns, making that the year 2012. [this reference has been edited out by the Namdharis since this website was launched]  The website reads:

Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji also has dropped many hints as to when Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji will return. In one Bachan, Satguru Ji mentioned that he will be 92 years old when Satguru Ram Singh Ji returns, making it 2012.

 With 2012 now gone,  we hope our Namdhari brothers and sisters will see that Baba Ram Singh has not and will not return.  The Namdhari samparda’s myths around this prove that they have been misguided.